Create A Theatre in A Box

This versatile and beautifully made puppet theatre will delight your little ones as they realise just how much they can do with it. It comes with scenery, scripts and backdrops for two stories (Hansel and Gretel, and The Princess and the Pirate – an original fairytale) but the creative potential here is endless. Children could become writers, designers, directors and puppet masters by making all the components for their very own puppet show. This is a brilliant Christmas gift for children under £20/$25.

Write and Draw Your Own Comics

If you’ve got a kid with an abundance of superhero energy, the is the gift for you. Your little one can channel their energy into becoming author and illustrator of their own comic strip by following the tips in this awesome manual-cum-notebook. They can hone their writing and storytelling skills in an action-packed, fun way, while creating their own world to explore. The book has blank pages along with stickers to adorn you budding genius’ work, so they’ll be proud to share their comics once they’ve ignited their creative process. Plus comics are great for early writers due to the phonetic superhero noises – pow!

Infographics: Technology

Infographics make learning easy and fun, and this series from Big Picture Press and Simon Rogers is no exception. Bright, colourful and full of information to keep enquiring minds occupied, these are a brilliant way to engage curious young adults – and you might even have some luck with older kids who aren’t particularly excited by science and education. This one focuses on technology, but the series also looks at the human body, animal kingdom and space.

200 Scrapbooking ideas

Scrapbooking is a brilliant way to keep tiny humans occupied. In 200 Scrapbooking Ideas, you’ll find all the tools to help them get started with their own personal approach to scrapbooking, with basic techniques, detailed tutorials and inspirational tips. Plus there’s also top scrapbooking themes featured, including Christmas, to help them preserve those most precious memories.

How it works

If your little one has an enquiring mind, a subscription to How it Works could be the perfect Christmas gift. This science and technology-themed magazine is bursting with exciting information about our universe, including amazing illustrations and cutaways that really bring the topics to life. There’s something new to learn every month, plus exclusive competitions and interviews and experiments to try at home.

If you order How It Works as a gift subscription now, you can get the current issue at a lowered price. And it comes with a gift wrapped bag, so it’s the perfect gift for under the tree.

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